Snap-on Fascia System for Single-Ply Applications

OMG EdgeSystems expands its popular line of TerminEdge Fascia with the introduction of TerminEdge LT Fascia, specifically designed for single-ply applications that do not require an approved Factory Mutual edge system. 

ES-1 tested for performance, TerminEdge LT is a three-piece, snap-on fascia system that is fast and easy to install. According to the manufacturer, the system includes a formed 24-gauge galvanized steel retainer with self-locating, pre-punched slotted holes to help reduce installation time. In addition, the system includes a decorative snap-on fascia cover and matching four-inch wide concealed splice plates. 

TerminEdge LT products are supplied in convenient 10-foot lengths and available with face heights in any size from 3.75 inches to 12 inches to accommodate most nailer heights. Fascia covers are available in more than 100 colors and finishes in 22 and 24-gauge galvanized steel; .040-in., .050-in., or .063-in. aluminum; and 22-gauge Stainless Steel. In addition, TerminEdge LT comes with a full assortment of inside/outside miters, end caps, sumps and spill-outs, and is warranted for 20 years and wind speeds up to 110 mph. 

For more information, contact your local OMG field sales representative, call OMG EdgeSystems customer service at (800) 892.9173, email, or visit

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