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ROOFING CONTRACTOR: Baker Roofing Co., Raleigh, N.C.
GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Romeo Guest Construction, Durham

Originally constructed between 1930 and 1932, the Duke Chapel doors are officially reopened, after a year-long restoration and renovation project.

Originally constructed between 1930 and 1932, the Duke Chapel doors are officially reopened, after a year-long restoration and renovation project.

Roof Materials

Preparation for the Duke Chapel roof replacement started a year in advance because of time constraints for this high-pro-file project.

It took approximately 101,305 pounds of lead-coated copper to reroof the chapel. A 20-ounce copper was used on the roof system and a 24-ounce copper was used for the built-in gutter system. The conductor heads for the gutter system were fabricated in Germany.


Roof Report

Originally constructed between 1930 and 1932, the Duke University Chapel doors were officially reopened on May 11, 2016, after a year-long interior and exterior restoration and renovation project.

Romeo Guest Construction selected Baker Roofing to remove the lead-coated copper roofing system and fabricate and install a new lead-coated copper roof and built-in gutter system for the English Gothic chapel.

The project kicked off in summer 2015, so Baker Roofing crews had the unique challenge of a strict timeframe while dealing with heat and safety issues. To complete the 23,345-square-foot roof replacement within the strict time-line, the project management team had to find various ways for crews to work continuously through hot summer weather and cold months. The crews maintained a strenuous schedule, often working six—and sometimes seven—days a week, 12 hours a day.

There were approximately 84 Baker Roofing employees that worked together on the project with roles ranging from crew members, project management and sheet-metal fabrication to support, safety, purchasing, and internal customer service and administrative support.

“The best part of this project was that our team was able to finish the job not only on time, but three months ahead of schedule,” says Jon Cagle of Baker Roofing. “Our success is attributed to the overall teamwork of the field employees, sheet-metal shop, safety department, all support staff and the numerous review meetings that took place every week. The constant planning and preparing paid off.”

Not only was the roof undergoing renovation, the interior of the chapel was also being restored. The repairs to the interior consisted of expanding the tile in the limestone ribs of the chapel ceiling and installing proper mortar. The wood carvings that adorn the inside of the chapel underwent a conditioning process to give them a rejuvenated glow. Seventy-seven stained-glass windows in the chapel were repaired, and new electrical service was installed to accommodate the change in electrical loads that have evolved greatly since the original construction of the chapel more than 80 years ago.

Photo: Baker Roofing Co.

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