Wrench-Free Nibbler Delivers Burr-Free Cuts of Sheet Metal

The wrench-free nibbler features a rotating head for operation.

The wrench-free nibbler features a rotating head for operation.

Kett Tool Company has introduced the KL-2020 14-Gauge Nibbler, wrench-free nibbler featuring a rotating head for operation. The KL-2020 boasts a die design that allows for maneuverability in cutting sheet metal.
Metal fabricators, auto manufacturers and construction crews will appreciate the KL-2020 nibbler that can be locked into four different positions (in 90-degree increments). A rotation of the hand changes the angle of the die while the free-floating punch design extends time between replacements.
The KL-2020 cuts 14-gauge cold rolled (C.R.) mild steel and most grades of stainless to 16-gauge. At just 10.5 inches and four pounds, this four-amp, 2500 RPM straight handle electric nibbler is easy to handle and store at any job site. It delivers a clean burr-free cut of flat and corrugated sheet metal up to 65 inches per minute.
The KL-2020 Nibbler is available through authorized dealers. For more information or to locate a dealer, users can visit Kett Tool or call (513)271-0333.

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