IKO PRO4 Plus Roofing Components System Promotion Awards New Truck

Idaho-based contractor KD Roofing is the recipient of a Dodge RAM 1500 Tradesman pickup truck as well as $22,500 in cash bonuses, thanks to its performance in the IKO PRO4 Plus Roofing Components System Promotion.

The initial PRO4 promotion was first introduced to encourage contractors to experience the benefits of working with a roofing system by offering rebate incentives. It was upgraded to the PRO4 Plus Promotion in 2016 to include per-square rebates for contractors, along with cash bonuses and the chance to earn a brand-new pickup truck for their fleet — which will continue in 2017.

For example, participating contractors have the opportunity to earn up to an $8.00 rebate per square when installed with any three components from the PRO4 Roofing Components System — in addition to up to $22,500 in cash bonuses and a top-tier incentive of a new truck.

Family Success

Located just outside of Boise in Meridian, Idaho, KD Roofing provides a variety of residential and commercial roofing services with a specialty in new construction. Following in the footsteps of their father and KD Roofing’s founder, Kendall Doty, brothers Justin and Jared Doty, office manager and general manager at KD Roofing, helped to drive the company’s success in the promotion.

“We feel blessed to have earned this recognition and are pleased to put the cash bonus and truck back into use for the company,” Justin says.

Additionally, Jared noted that KD Roofing’s Production Manager, David Allen, who has been a long-time employee and friend of the company, also played a role in the success thanks to his continued support in the growth of the company.

“It goes without saying that we have the entire KD Roofing team to thank for this accomplishment,” Jared says.

Distributor and Manufacturer Support

The Doty brothers also noted that support from their distributor, Roofline Supply and Delivery (a division of SRS Distribution), was an element to their success. In fact, the branch manager for Roofline’s Boise location, James Phillips, first introduced the promotion to the KD Roofing team.

“I’ve had a relationship with the KD team almost my entire career in the roofing industry, so when I learned of the PRO4 Plus Promotion, I knew it was a good fit for them,” Phillips says. “But things like this don’t happen overnight; it takes a lot of work and dedication to achieve what the KD Roofing team did. They’ve also built a reputation and trust among their customers by delivering service for more than 20 years.”

IKO Territory Sales Representative, Andrew Buehner, also worked closely with Phillips and the KD Roofing team during the promotion. He helped provide product knowledge and expertise, as well as local service and support to keep the promotion running smoothly for KD Roofing, Phillips added.

“We were onboard with the promotion after discussion with Roofline, but once they introduced us to our IKO rep, Andrew, we knew it was going to be great working with IKO,” Jared says. “IKO is a family-owned business like ours and shares similar valuesplus.”

Coordinating Roofing Components

A roofing components system is engineered to provide more performance than installing just shingles alone.

As such, IKO has developed the PRO4 roofing components system, which includes four multi-layered roofing accessories that protect vulnerable areas of the roof, including eave protection (ice and water protectors), underlayment (for deck protection), roof starters (starter strips to save installation time) and ridge cap shingles (provide protection along a roof’s high-stress areas and accentuate the roof line).

“Our favorite part of working with the PRO4 system is offering our clients a shingle and coordinating components from a single manufacturer,” Jared says. “It’s a benefit for our customers when we assure them it’s one system that’s intended to work together.”

To see a video interview featuring the KD Roofing team and additional details on the IKO PRO4 Plus Promotion, please visit the IKO TV YouTube channel. For more information about IKO’s complete portfolio of residential roofing products and accessories, visit the website.

Protect the Roofline with Ridge Cap Shingles

IKO Ultra HP High Profile Ridge Cap Shingles provide enhanced aesthetics, roofline protection and ease of installation.

IKO Ultra HP High Profile Ridge Cap Shingles provide enhanced aesthetics, roofline protection and ease of installation.

IKO Ultra HP High Profile Ridge Cap Shingles provide enhanced aesthetics, roofline protection and ease of installation to pair with IKO’s popular premium designer and performance shingles. The ridge cap shingles are engineered with multi-layer construction for high tear-strength values, including additional protection from a polymer-modified asphalt coating. Ultra HP Ridge Cap Shingles also provide a high-quality alternative to using cut-up roof shingles to protect the roofline. They are easy to install thanks to their preformed, rolled design, which features a curved edge that doesn’t require additional cutting or folding on the roof. With an 8 1/4-inch exposure, Ultra HP Ridge Cap Shingles offer nearly 30 percent more coverage than a traditional ridge cap shingle.

Asphalt Roofing Solution Provides Cedar Shake Alternative

IKO offers an asphalt roofing solution as an alternative to wood shakes.

IKO offers an asphalt roofing solution as an alternative to wood shakes.

As an alternative to traditional cedar shakes, IKO offers an asphalt roofing solution, IKO Armourshake premium shingles.

Dimensional Wood Shake Look

Premium roofing shingles are continuing to gain popularity with building owners and roofing professionals for many reasons, namely for their durability and affordability compared with traditional wood shakes.

Manufactured with color-blending technology, Armourshake shingles feature a dimensional profile with a contoured design. The Armourshake profile also rivals the look of hand-hewn, random-cut cedar shakes without the added upkeep and expense.

Also, with cedar and other woods used to construct natural wood shakes, the finished look may take a few years to fully develop. However, with Armourshake shingles, building owners can choose the weathered shake look they desire in one of five rich color blends, including Chalet Wood, Greystone, Shadow Black, Western Redwood and Weathered Stone.

The roofing shingles also offer weather resistance thanks to their construction.

Unlike real wood shakes that are flammable, Armourshake shingles have earned the Class A Fire Resistance rating tested against ASTM E108 (by FM). Plus, they resist the type of fading, warping and breakage that can occur over time with natural wood shake shingles.

Premium Accessories for a Finishing Touch

When installing the shingle, it is ideal to pair it with a ridge cap shingle to complete the look in both aesthetic and performance qualities.

An addition to the IKO PRO4 roofing component system, IKO’s Ultra HP High Profile Ridge Cap Shingles have been designed to complement the aesthetics and performance attributes of IKO’s premium shingle offerings, including IKO Armourshake, as well as IKO Crowne Slate and IKO Royal Estate shingles.

For more information on Armourshake premium shingles and IKO’s full line of roofing products and solutions, visit the website.

Union Corrugating Adds Equipment to Produce More Product

The Union Corrugating trim line allows for additional product capacity.

The Union Corrugating trim line allows for additional product capacity.

Union Corrugating has installed additional equipment in their Scranton, Pa plant that gives Union the capability of producing more product and reducing lead-times for their customers. The equipment includes both an additional panel line and trim line. “Our panel line produces R/PBR panels and MasterRib”, says Keith Medick, Union Corrugating president and CEO. “The second panel line was added as a direct response to customer demand for our MasterRib panel which is a three foot exposed fastener product. In addition, being able to produce R and PBR panels for industrial, commercial and steel frame building applications opens up new markets for us.”

The trim line produces Ridge Cap, J-Channel, Rake & Corner and Rake profiles. “We are excited to be able to provide a new level of convenience to our customers by offering custom length trims. Both of these lines will enable Union’s customers to realize a reduction of time between order placement and delivery, and ultimately help them capture more business,” says Medick.

Union Corrugating’s New Trim Lines Produce Ridge Cap, J-Trim and C-fascia

Union Corrugating’s new trim line produces ridge caps.

Union Corrugating’s new trim line produces ridge caps.

Union Corrugating announces the addition of panel line and roll-formed trim equipment at their Ocala, FL, facility. “Our customers in Florida benefit from this additional capacity”, says Keith Medick, Union Corrugating president and CEO. “Shorter lead-times for our products is one of our strategies as we strive to become a convenient metal roofing supplier.”

In addition to cutting flat sheets, the new panel line produces 2 1/2 inch oval and R/PBR profiles. The new trim lines produce Ridge Cap, J-trim, and C-fascia. Union Corrugating already produces MasterRib, 5V, and Adlok II standing seam panels at the Ocala facility. All of the new equipment is now operational.