Waterproofing System Provides a Sustainable, Durable Product

SOPREMA Inc. has developed MAMMOUTH Neo.

SOPREMA Inc. has developed MAMMOUTH Neo.

SOPREMA Inc. has developed MAMMOUTH Neo, an eco-friendly, high-performing waterproofing system developed with new technology to provide a sustainable, durable product with increased longevity and UV stability.

MAMMOUTH Neo is comprised of an innovative and environmentally friendly elastomer made from organically sourced raw materials derived from 75 percent canola oil, using 30 percent less non-renewable fossil resources than traditional membranes. This high-quality composition allows the system to withstand the weathering elements longer, slowing down the aging process and contributing to a healthier building environment.

MAMMOUTH Neo system consists of two ultra-thin, ultra-lightweight and easy-to-install layers, reducing time and strain spent on the job. The system contains MAMMOUTH Neo Base SI, a self-adhered first layer and MAMMOUTH Neo Cap, a self-protected second layer, to provide the assurance and durability of a redundant system.

MAMMOUTH Neo is designed for new construction and renovation projects. MAMMOUTH Neo can be applied to concrete, wood or steel substrates. Tensile and wind resistance tests conducted on MAMMOUTH Neo resulted in a maximum permissible depression value equal to 4,989 Pascals (Pa).