Lifetime Tool Names New Territory Sales Manager

Lifetime Tool, an award-winning manufacturer of roof system components, announced that Richard Mason has joined the Lifetime Tool Team as its new Territory Sales Manager for Connecticut, Hudson Valley and Northern New Jersey. 

Mason brings more than 20 years of experience in sales having worked with and for several international manufactures, including Ashley Norton, Inc., a high-end architectural hardware manufacturer. “We are extremely pleased to have Rich join us, his skill set and ability to grasp the nuances of selling high value products is exactly what Lifetime Tool was looking for in that area,” said Ben Weber, Vice President of Lifetime Tool.

Mason has an MBA from Rutgers University along with training from Dale Carnegie, Covey Leadership and Spectrum Training. He and his wife Ann will be based in Northern New Jersey. 

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Lifetime Tool & Building Products Names New Vice President

Lifetime Tool announced that Ben Weber has joined the Lifetime Tool Team as its new Vice President. Weber brings years of experience in both sales and marketing having worked with and for international manufactures, financial institutions, and media outlets.

“Having founded three independent newspapers and a leading Marketing/PR firm, Ben’s experience in management and personal will be invaluable to Lifetime Tool as it continues to grow,” said Roger Cline, Founder and Managing Partner of Lifetime Tool.”  Cline went on to say, “Ben’s financial real estate experience in the banking & building industry gives us a great advantage with regards to planning for the future.”

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New Bath and Dryer Vent Designed for Shingle Roofs

Lifetime Tool & Building Products LLC introduces the Lifetime Bath-Dryer Vent for shingle and metal roofs. This vent is pleasing to the eye, complements any quality installation, and offers a 50-year product warranty. The proprietary design enables the housing structure to mount to the plate without rivets, fasteners and sealants — common leak points in existing vents. The vent assembly is crimped into the seamless deep-drawn plate with an EPDM gasket, which is designed to guarantee a forever water-tight seal.

The shingle vent plate is 24-gauge galvanized Kynar with 4 inches of flashing on the sides, 6 inches at the top and 3.5 inches at the bottom. According to the manufacturer, most existing vents have less than half of these needed requirements, which exponentially increases the likelihood of edge leaking. In independent laboratory testing, the Lifetime Bath-Dryer Vent exceeded 110 mph in the ASTM T166-18 – Wind Driven Rain Test.

The product features a 24-gauge galvanized Kynar cap that is clad onto a high-temperature polymer with a heat deflection above 212 degrees Fahrenheit. According to the company, this carefully tested premium polymer ensures that the Bath-Dryer Vent retains its mechanical properties for decades of use.

Additionally, the cap assembly is attached with two black oxide stainless fasteners that are easily removed with a screwdriver and 316L stainless clips for easy removal of the cap for periodic maintenance, perfect for multi-family roofs. A gold anodized aluminum damper, preventing white corrosion, and its passivated stainless-steel axle is mounted on the angled structure to ensure condensation drainage and provides protection from wind and rain penetration. Its built-in weep holes, wind walls and recessed EPDM noise bumpers help eliminate clatter. The EPDM bumpers also permit a small amount of warm air to pass between the structure and damper to reduce the chance of condensate freezing. A snap-in high-quality polymer frame has a stainless steel screen included for use in bath venting only.

Finishing the assembly is a proprietary 6-inch-high, 4-inch round, 26-gauge G90 galvanized drop with a unique button punch/window snap connection assembly. A 4-inch/3-inch reducer is also included.

“I am passionate about creating true solutions for roofing components, and I believe that the Lifetime Bath-Dryer Vent is a game changer,” said Roger Cline, Managing Partner and Chief Engineer at Lifetime Tool & Building Products LLC.



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Lifetime Tool & Building Products Names New Business Development Manager

Lifetime Tool announced that Dave Rowe has joined the Lifetime Tool Sales Team. Rowe will be assuming the role of Business Development Manager for Metal Roofing Sales. According to the company, Rowe brings years of experience in the metal roofing industry, having worked with pre-painted coil coaters, gutter and gutter accessories, panel machine sales and manufacturing, and many exotic roofing metals. “It is Dave’s knowledge of metal roofing materials that has made him a go-to source of information for many years,” the company sated. “From the sales side, his professional approach and his great ‘can-do’ attitude make him a perfect addition to the Lifetime Tool team.”

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Pipe Flashing Seals in Extreme Environments

316L Stainless Steel Ultimate Pipe Flashing combats the effects of salt water, chloride, extreme sunlight exposure and pipe thermal movement.

316L Stainless Steel Ultimate Pipe Flashing combats the effects of salt water, chloride, extreme sunlight exposure and pipe thermal movement.

Lifetime Tool & Building Products has released its 316L Stainless Steel Ultimate Pipe Flashing, which combats the effects of salt water, chloride, extreme sunlight exposure and pipe thermal movement, the major causes of plumbing pipe flashing failures resulting in roof leaks. Made of true marine-grade stainless steel, the product provides a precision seal to the pipe with a flexible bushing made from an ultra-pure silicone elastomer, which accommodates daily movement from thermal changes on the roof. The pipe seal is reinforced with a solid PVC collar engineered to provide lifelong compression of the seal to the pipe.

Pipe Flashing Features Compression Collar to Prevent Relaxation Away from Pipe

Ultimate Pipe Flashing from Lifetime Tool & Building Products LLC

Ultimate Pipe Flashing from Lifetime Tool & Building Products LLC

The Ultimate Pipe Flashing from Lifetime Tool & Building Products LLC features a proprietary PVC compression collar that prevents relaxation away from the pipe. Its premium tested materials include ultra-pure high consistency molded silicone rubber and Kynar PVDF-coated 24-gauge galvanized sheet metal. A lubricant towelette is supplied to aid in installation. The generous perimeter flashing allows for proper sealing—ample 4 inches of flashing on each side, 6 inches at the top, 3 inches at the bottom (all minimums from the embodiment). Plate flanges have nailing slots for ease of installation. This true long-term solution replaces lead and accommodates flat roofs to slopes 18:12 plus.