CertainTeed and HOVER Announce Partnership

CertainTeed announced its partnership with HOVER, the platform that generates accurate, interactive 3-D models of any property. CertainTeed product lines are now available on the HOVER platform.

Many exterior contractors are already using HOVER to receive interactive 3-D models and detailed exterior measurements of properties. This allows them to save time on measuring, creating an estimate and closing new business. Thanks to the partnership, contractors who work with CertainTeed roofing and siding products can now use HOVER’s design features to quickly show homeowners what CertainTeed products and colors will look like on their home.

“This partnership was put in place to help contractors better engage their customers and generate more business,” said Jay Butch, Director of Contractor Programs for CertainTeed Roofing. “By showing property owners what CertainTeed products and colors would look like on their actual home, contractors can help homeowners better visualize the finished project.”

“HOVER works for nearly any home, generating accurate wall measurements from just a few photos taken with the app,” said Matt Gibson, Director, Vinyl and Marketing Communications for CertainTeed Siding.

“HOVER allows contractors to work efficiently by removing the guesswork of visualizing different product options on the 3D model of a customer’s home. In addition to the interactive 3D model, HOVER will also provide contractors with detailed exterior measurements needed to quote an installation of a roof or siding using CertainTeed’s product offering,” explained Derek Halliday, vice president of product at HOVER.

CertainTeed roofing and siding product lines are now available on the HOVER platform, which can be downloaded from the App Store or the Google Play Store. First-time users will receive 30 days to try out the platform, and $125 in HOVER cash to get started.

For more information, visit www.certainteed.com and hover.to.

3-D Modeling Tool Aids in Solar Design Projects

SmartRoofAurora Solar Inc., a solar design software company, offers SmartRoof, a tool that allows anyone to accurately and easily model residential and commercial sites for solar projects. According to the company, SmartRoof intelligently infers the internal structure of a roof after a few clicks, reducing solar design time and difficulty.

According to the company, SmartRoof requires just an outline of the perimeter of the roof to automatically infer its internal structure. It allows solar designers to drag and drop dormers into the model, integrating them into their respective roof planes seamlessly. The remote site modeling tool enables designers to insert folds and intersect multiple roof structures, making modeling of complex roof structures significantly easier. The resulting 3-D model has clean edges, right-angled corners, and evenly tilted roof planes, giving designers and solar salespeople alike the ability to easily create permit-ready models.

Christopher Hopper, CEO of Aurora Solar, said, “We started Aurora with the goal of developing technology that would enable anyone to design solar easily and quickly, without sacrificing quality. An accurate roof model is foundational to the residential solar design process, so we set out to rethink the modeling process from the ground up. After over a year of development, we’re proud to introduce SmartRoof: a novel way to model roofs that has the potential to revolutionize solar design.”

For more information, visit www.aurorasolar.com.

Free 3-D Roof Modeling Software Has Been Improved

Roofscape software has been completely revised with dozens of improvements to the roof modeling tools

Applicad’s Roofscape software has been completely revised with dozens of improvements to the roof modeling tools.

AppliCad’s RoofScape software has been downloaded by thousands of roofing professionals all over the world. It is the only full function, purpose built, 3D roof modeling program that is available for you to use entirely free of charge. The best news is that this wonderful program has been completely revised with dozens of improvements to the roof modeling tools, making it even faster and easier to create even the most complex roof geometry from aerial images, PDFs or measurements.

You might also use RoofScape as your way of learning how to create amazing 3D roof geometry before you invest in AppliCad’s full function professional version, Roof Wizard.

If you have downloaded and used AppliCad’s RoofScape software in the past few years, you’re eligible to download the new completely revised version at absolutely no cost to you.

AppliCad has embedded the necessary functions so that you can digitise or trace roof the geometry from PDF’s or aerial photographs pasted directly into the RoofScape workspace or simply insert measurements from your site visit.

AppliCad has embedded the necessary functions so that you can digitise or trace roof the geometry from PDF’s or aerial photographs pasted directly into the RoofScape workspace or simply insert measurements from your site visit.

If RoofScape is doing it for you, but you need detailed material cutting lists, waste optimisation, user defined reports in Microsoft Word, consider the upgrade path to AppliCad’s Roof Wizard and the Roof Wizard Read-Only software.

The latest release also includes other great productivity enhancements such as an image trace wizard which simplifies the creation of a 3D model from aerial images or a PDF; a new simplified menu system option that greatly improves ease of use as well as enhancing a new user’s learning of the functions. Many new tables and key text strings further enhance the creation of custom report templates, making detailed reporting possible – providing even more useful information to your suppliers, customers and installers without any extra effort on the user’s part.

Also new in Roof Wizard V7.1 is the Assembly Manager for commercial sites trying to manage 1000’s of trim and flashing combinations for roof and wall panel systems. Automatically create the correct associations between different systems that share similar or the same trim items. This new function improves accuracy and speeds up the creation of your material order lists without errors or omissions.

With zone design tools for high wind areas, multiple language support; pitch measure tools and aerial image digitising; tool tips, filled planes, combined roof and wall functions, seamless integration with MS Word; one click plane fill, block-cut waste optimiser, terminology localisation and commercial assembly function, PDF underlay for fast digitising, combined Track and Digitising of building perimeters puts AppliCad’s Roof Wizard at the forefront of software for the roofing and claddin! g industry. Our ‘Smart-Roof’ technology puts Roof Wizard at the top of everyone’s shopping list.

Combining the features from recent releases AppliCad is pleased to announce a major productivity enhancement with the V7.1 release – a Read-Only version that is entirely free to use. No additional licenses required. Load on as many PC’s as you need for complete model and job checking functionality – including auto-dimensions, quantity summaries, pitch, line style and line length annotation and detailed quotation and proposal review. Create estimates without a model and add material or labor items while checking. All at no additional cost. AppliCad Roof Wizard Read-Only version – only with an update to Roof Wizard version 7.1.

Our new Roof Wizard Read-Only is completely free of charge with your upgrade to Roof Wizard V7.1 – load as often as you like and anywhere you have the need to check your estimator’s work.