Projects: Offices/Manufacturing

McElroy Metal Manufacturing Facility, Peachtree City, Ga.


Roofing Contractor and Solar Installer: Paramount Metal Systems, Little Rock, Ark.
Solar Integrator: Inovateus Solar LLC, South Bend, Ind.

McElroy Metal installed 1,960 solar panels on its facility. PHOTO: McElroy Metal

McElroy Metal installed 1,960 solar panels on its facility. PHOTO: McElroy Metal

Roof Materials

The existing metal roof was retrofitted with a 238T symmetrical standing-seam system as a metal-over-metal solution. The 238T system is comprised of panels with matching left and right seams that are joined with a mechanically seamed cap. The panels are non-directional and can be installed left to right, right to left or even center to right or left.

For this project, the panels were installed over the existing roof with McElroy’s patent-pending 238T Retrofit Clip, a 3 1/2-inch standoff clip that elevates the new roof system to the top of the existing panels. The use of the 238T Retrofit Clip instead of a sub-framing system reduced the overall cost of the reroof portion by approximately 25 percent. The clip stands above the existing panel’s major ribs, allowing for the addition of foam insulation for increased R-value and support for the new roof panels.

A total of 1,960 solar panels were installed on the plant roof and on a canopy in the parking lot. Three different clamps were used to attach the solar panels: one for the 238T panel, one for an existing through-fastened panel in the back corner of the facility and a third for the existing standing-seam panel on the office lean-to.

Standing-seam Metal Roof: McElroy Metal
Clamps: S-5!

Roof Report

The solar-power project, believed to be the largest solar installation for a metal roofing manufacturer, is part of the Medium Scale Georgia Power Advanced Solar Initiative Program. The energy generated from the 500-kilowatt system will not directly power the facility but will be sold back to Georgia Power.

The Paramount Metal Systems crew installed the 30,000 square feet of retrofit metal roofing panels in about eight days; the solar installation was completed in another 2 1/2 weeks.

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