Improve Your Relationship with Condo Associations

When asked what advice these building managers would offer to a contractor, the overwhelming response was improved communication; 75 percent of responses related to improving communication.

When you take the time to understand their problems, you’ll find out residents complain to the condo manager about some of these things while some of it is directly from the managers themselves. We found we could alleviate a lot of headaches simply by:

  • Responding quickly to inquiries, returning phone calls in a timely manner, communicating our schedule, informing management of issues that arise, etc.
  • Keeping the grounds clean during and after work. Our crews must leave the place cleaner than it was when they arrived.
  • Eliminating job-site radios.
  • Focusing on details to ensure a job well done. Quality, quality, quality!

Don’t Be a One-trick Pony

One last golden piece of advice I can suggest is to diversify your offerings. Offer more than just roofing and sheet metal. We started out as just another roofing company in 1985 but eventually we became a problem-solving company because the demand was there for it.

Today we employ carpenters, soffit and fascia guys, roofers, welders, truss installers, waterproofers and concrete repairmen all under one roof. Be careful about diversifying though. Do not allow your company to perform work that you and your employees are not qualified or licensed to perform. Diversity is important but without proper planning, it can lead to disaster. Get licensed, get experienced people and get informed before any diversification takes place.

When your company can offer all of these solutions to your clients, you become invaluable, especially when your employees have the same work ethic. Be careful not to hire subcontractors if you can help it; they might not adhere to your cleanliness guidelines or company’s work ethic.

Become a problem solver for condo associations and managers and the referrals will flow in like a river. Good luck!

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About Scott Otey

Scott Otey is vice president and managing partner at West Coast Florida Enterprises Inc., a building restoration company with divisions in concrete repair, custom welding, and commercial and residential roofing, in Fort Myers, Fla.


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