CertainTeed-credentialed Roofing Contractors Now Can Quickly Locate Homes Damaged by Hailstorms

A partnership between CertainTeed Corp. and advanced weather forensics company HailStrike aims to help CertainTeed-credentialed roofing contractors quickly and accurately locate homes damaged by hailstorms so they can connect with homeowners in need of roof repairs. Three services are available: HailStrike tracking, OneSite reports and AniSwath hail map. Roofers with HailStrike tracking have access to radar-based storm-tracking software that trails the heart of the storm and provides the size of hail. The OneSite tool provides site-specific information for hail activity at exact locations. The AniSwath service gives direct access to a colorized, fully animated hail swath map. Contractors interested in learning more about HailStrike can contact their local CertainTeed territory manager.

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