Sheffield Metals Launches New Comprehensive Learning Center & Website

Sheffield Metals International (SMI) announced the launch of its newly redesigned website at The new website features a modern design, enhanced functionality, and a more personalized navigating experience. Plus, users will notice a more prominent and improved search function, which allows users to type in their questions or topics and easily find answers or solutions. The most notable improvement to the new Sheffield Metals digital space is the completely new Metal Roofing Learning Center. This section brings all Sheffield Metals’ videos, articles, posts, downloads, e-books, and more into one easy-to-navigate interface. The Learning Center is searchable and able to be filtered by topic, audience, and media type.

“Beyond selling metal sheet and coil and supporting our customers, one of our biggest focuses as an organization is producing educational content that people in the industry can learn from,” said Adam Mazzella, Vice President of Sheffield Metals. “We’ve experienced significant growth as a company and in our digital presence, so we knew it was time to upgrade our website and create a better experience for everyone who interacts with or learns from us online.”

In addition to the Metal Roofing Learning Center, the new Sheffield Metals website includes: 

●Improved navigation based on audience – The new main navigation now shows the specific products, support, and resources available for contractors, manufacturers, architects, engineers, and homeowners or property owners.

●A revamped gallery and case studies page – View photos and watch videos of completed projects that utilized Sheffield Metals products. Plus, users have access to the free Sheffield Metals Color Visualizer, which allows anyone to upload their own photos to bring their metal roofs, walls, and trim to life by creating detailed digital mock-ups of their projects.

● Streamlined, user-friendly product and service pages – Enhanced product pages provide a clear look at the variety of products and services available when partnering with Sheffield Metals. 

● Complete panel profiles and engineered systems section – This section was specifically designed for users who need to download documents or engineering reports for their architectural metal panel projects. 

“We’re excited to have this brand new digital space available for our customers, future buyers, colleagues, and any other industry professionals to visit and find exactly what they’re looking for when they need it,” Mazzella said. 

The website is accessible and responsive on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. 

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GAF Energy Honored with Renewable Energy Leaders Award by Los Angeles Business Council

GAF Energy was presented with the prestigious “Renewable Energy Leaders Award” by the Los Angeles Business Council (LABC) for the company’s contributions towards innovative financing solutions and progressive support for rooftop PV solar projects in the Los Angeles region. The LABC also recognized the GAF Energy team for bringing financing opportunities within the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s (LADWP) Feed-in Tariff, a renewable energy program that allows property owners and developers to generate and sell clean energy to help achieve the city’s renewable energy goals. 

“We are honored to receive this award from one of California’s most influential economic and environmental leaders,” said Jason Barrett, Vice President of Residential & Commercial Sales for GAF Energy. “LABC has been a critical partner for GAF Energy in the Los Angeles area, helping advocate for innovative public-private partnerships that lead to greater clean energy deployment across the state.” 

“The LABC applauds GAF Energy for their ongoing commitment to deliver renewable energy projects to California,” said Mary Leslie, President of the Los Angeles Business Council. “Thanks to GAF Energy’s contributions to innovative financing solutions, the Los Angeles area is now experiencing greater solar adoption that supports a healthy economy and a cleaner environment.”

The award was presented to GAF Energy at the 2020 LABC Sustainability Summit, an annual convening of business, government and nonprofit leaders. The summit seeks to address critical topics like international climate policy, regionalization of the energy grid, and California’s resilience strategy in the face of growing natural disasters. 

For more information on financing opportunities, please contact Charles Yawson, Director Renewable Energy Investments at GAF Energy:

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Morin Names New Regional Sales Manager for Central Territory

Morin, a Kingspan Group Company, announced that Michael Allen has joined the Morin Team as Regional Sales Manager – Central Territory. He will be covering Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma.

Allen has worked for half a decade with architects and engineers through independent representatives designing louvers and sunshades based on codes and design requirements. He then was able to get into the finer details of architecture and design with a highly technical product. Allen has also spent time working as an Architectural Design Manager covering the Midwest and aiding architects in specifications and code requirements for glazing. 

According to the company, Allen thoroughly enjoys the design process and his consultative approach appeals to many. He is looking forward to this new opportunity and readily available to assist in the design process, write specifications, and help deliver quality high-end architectural complete projects.

Allen is local to the regions, graduating college from University of Missouri – Kansas City. In his personal time he is a coach for baseball for his boys, builds and designs furniture, and enjoys laid back family time.

Allen can be reached by email at

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Polyglass to Showcase Self-Adhered Membranes at the 2020 IIBEC Virtual Canadian Building Enclosure Symposium

Polyglass U.S.A. Inc. will be highlighting its modified bitumen membranes, commercial roofing systems, and roof coatings at the 2020 IIBEC Virtual Canadian Building Enclosure Symposium, a cutting-edge educational program taking place September 22-24, 2020. On virtual display will be Elastoflex SA V Polar Base and Elastoflex SA P Polar Cap, Polyfresko G SA, and PolyFlash 1C.

Polyglass experts will be featuring Elastoflex SA V Polar Base and Elastoflex SA P Polar Cap at the virtual booth. Elastoflex SA V Polar Base and Elastoflex SA P Polar Cap are low-temperature membranes designed for cold weather applications in temperatures that are between 25°F – 60°F (4°C – 16°C). They are designed with unique qualities that improve efficiency and performance. Elastoflex SA V Polar Base is fiberglass-reinforced for excellent dimensional stability, and is finished with laylines for ease of application. Elastoflex SA P Polar Cap has a UV-stabilized granule surface and is polyester-reinforced for exceptional puncture and tear resistance. It also features SEALLap Ultra and FASTLap for immediate and more effective bonding of side and end lap seams, saving time and labor costs.

Also to be showcased is the Polyfresko G SA; a highly reflective, self-adhered granular surfaced APP modified bitumen roofing membrane. The membrane performs to ENERGY STAR standards for reflectivity, is a California Title 24 compliant membrane, achieves Class A fire rating, and has been tested to ensure long-term performance in the most extreme environments. Polyfresko G SA membrane is listed with the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) with a Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) of 96.

PolyFlash1C is a one-component, state-of-the-art, silane modified polyurethane flashing compound designed for sealing and waterproofing roofing details, flashings, and penetrations on a wide variety of roofing systems. PolyFlash 1C has the unique ability to be applied as an immediate, but temporary emergency leak repair over wet or damp surfaces. When combined with PolyBrite reinforcing polyester fabric this product can permanently solve typical and challenging flashing needs. 

For more information, visit or speak with Polyglass experts at the IIBEC 2020 Virtual Canadian Building Enclosure Symposium.

Leister Technologies to Host Free Roofing Tool Webinar on September 30

Leister Technologies, a Swiss manufacturer of Plastic Welding tools, announced that the company is offering a free Roofing Tool Webinar via Microsoft Teams on September 30, 2020. This webinar will be led by Dave Nordentoft, Leister’s Roofing Product Specialist. Nordentoft will be providing an overview of welding fundamentals and covering the latest advancements in technology and product design to improve quality and process control, enhance ergonomics and boost productivity. According to the company, attendees will receive a detailed dive into Leister’s newest tool in the roofing segment, the UNIDRIVE 500, and Nordentoft will walk through its features and operations while revealing key pointers and best practices to consider along the way.

To register, click here and fill out the formOnce you have signed up, you will be directed to a confirmation page that contains a link to the webinar. 

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The VELUX Group Commits to Become Lifetime Carbon Neutral in Partnership With WWF

The VELUX Group announced its new commitment to become Lifetime Carbon Neutral by its 100th anniversary in 2041. This commitment will see the world’s leading skylight manufacturer’s historical carbon footprint – 5.6 million tons of CO2 (scope 1 and 2ii) – emitted since it was founded in 1941 – captured in forest conservation projects run by WWF (the World Wide Fund for Nature). Looking to the future, the VELUX Group also commits to dramatically cut the carbon emissions of its company and value chain (scope 1, 2 and 3iii) in line with the Paris Agreement’s most ambitious 1.5°C reduction pathway. Lifetime Carbon Neutral is a pioneering new commitment initiated by the VELUX Group and developed together with WWF International to take responsibility for both past and future carbon emissions. This innovative commitment will capture VELUX historical carbon footprint and at the same time preserve invaluable natural forests and wildlife around the world for current and future generations.

David Briggs, CEO of the VELUX Group said: “The planet is facing a serious climate and nature crisis, and this requires extraordinary action. According to our values as a company, we strive to do more than most, so that’s why we have developed Lifetime Carbon Neutral. It’s an innovative new commitment involving a 20-year partnership with WWF International to capture the equivalent of our historical carbon emissions by 2041. We will also dramatically reduce our future CO2 emissions and ask our suppliers to do the same. Hopefully other companies will be inspired to become ‘Lifetime Carbon Neutral’ in order to create a sustainable future for all.”

The VELUX Group will work with WWF to become Lifetime Carbon Neutral by investing in forest and biodiversity projects developed specifically for VELUX over the next 21 years. This will help halt habitat loss, deforestation and land degradation threatening the biodiversity of forest ecosystems around the world, while working with and benefiting local communities. The first two of these forest projects will take place in Uganda and Myanmar.

In Uganda, the focus will be on restoring degraded forests, growing new forests, and protecting the remaining natural forests through a broad range of measures. The project will also grow trees in woodlots, other agroforestry systems, and plantations outside protected areas to meet demand for various forest products and reduce pressure on natural forests. The project in Myanmar will work to conserve unique biodiversity and the forest landscape of Tanintharyi township of Myanmar, in close collaboration with and to the benefit of local communities.

“With the impacts of the climate and nature crises are becoming increasingly clear, ambition and action is urgently needed to build a more resilient and sustainable future for all. The VELUX Group’s Lifetime Carbon Neutral commitment is an important step for others to follow,” said Marco Lambertini, Director General of WWF International.

“Embracing a commitment aligned with a 1.5°C world while also protecting important forest landscapes and biodiversity – and the crucial services they provide to communities and the economy – is in line with a climate responsible and nature positive future that will serve as the foundation for achieving all the Sustainable Development Goals. Together, we hope that other organizations will be inspired by the VELUX Lifetime Carbon Neutral and raise the bar for corporate climate and nature action globally.”

The partnership with WWF sits within the VELUX Group’s Sustainability Strategy 2030, which includes committing to set a science-based emissions reduction target through the Science Based Targets Initiative. To transform its business, the VELUX Group will accelerate investments in energy efficiency at its production sites, shift to renewable energy and purchase 100 percent renewable electricity, as well as substantially change the way it specifies and purchases materials.

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Garland Provides D7 Disinfectant as Part of Missouri School’s Reopening Plan

The Dunklin R-5 School district in Herculaneum, Mo. is among hundreds of thousands of school districts across the country working diligently to provide a safe environment for students, teachers and staff to return to this fall. The district serves about 1,500 K-12 students and is welcoming back about 70% of its population for in-person classes. The remaining 30% opted for virtual learning.

Part of their newly established disinfection routine included applying D7 antimicrobial disinfectant to high contact touchpoints on the exterior of Herculaneum High School and the nearby Taylor Early Childhood Center and its playground. The first application was a trial run of sorts since Dunklin R-5 Superintendent Clint Freeman, Ph.D., like many school administrators across the country, is new to this level of disinfection. “We wanted to learn about the D7 product and see how it worked before setting up a full-scale application,” Freeman explained. 

D7 is an EPA-registered disinfectant that kills 99.99999% of bacteria, fungi, germs and viruses in minutes and has shown effectiveness against viruses similar to the coronavirus/COVID-19. It can be used on exterior surfaces and applied as a fog or spray inside buildings as well. D7 capitalizes on the natural cleaning power of hydrogen peroxide to penetrate and eliminate pathogenic bacteria, sanitizing down to the molecular level. D7 contains zero VOCs, is biodegradable and can be applied using standard spray equipment.

“Although D7 differs from Garland’s traditional roofing and waterproofing products, we quickly recognized the need to provide our customers with a safe and effective disinfectant that allows schools and businesses to begin safely reopening their doors,” said Brett Wygal, Garland’s operations manager. “D7 is not only highly effective at killing harmful bacteria, but there’s no special equipment or training required so application can take place almost immediately.”

Leak Stoppers Roofing, LLC of Festus, Mo. sprayed the initial application of D7. Freeman had this to say: “It didn’t leave behind a film or grime. It went on very quickly and foamed up so you can see where you’ve applied it. It was a very good process.” Freeman is exploring additional applications of D7 throughout the district with the help of his local Garland representative, Jeremy Cozart. Garland now offers a D7 subscription plan that provides monthly deliveries of D7 materials, an easy, hassle-free way to ensure customers are never without critical disinfection products and to allow for the frequent use of D7 without the need to constantly re-order.

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EagleView to Help Solar Professionals Receive Certification at NABCEP 2020 CE Conference

The annual NABCEP CE Conference brings together globally-recognized experts in solar PV, providing advanced-level content for PV industry professionals with experience in PV installation, technical sales, design, operation, maintenance, and system inspection. The event allows NABCEP Board Certified Professionals to obtain all the education units needed to recertify. Non-certified solar professionals can earn up to 18 hours towards certification by attending the conference. EagleView announced that its training session, “Enabling Virtual Workflows,” counts for education units towards NABCEP Board Certification. 

“EagleView is excited to be participating in the NABCEP educational curriculum at the 2020 CE Conference,” said Tim Rochman, EagleView VP for energy sales. “This event brings together the biggest players in residential solar. The fact that EagleView is presenting an NABCEP-approved course is a testament to our growth and expertise in the solar market.” 

EagleView’s high-resolution aerial imagery and property measurements derived from computer vision enable solar installers to bid and plan projects more efficiently and design systems with unprecedented accuracy using remote shading analysis. EagleView’s InformTM Essentials+ solution provides detailed property measurements with 3D models, and InformTM Advanced adds third-party verified remote shading analysis to optimize designs for energy production. 

The live training session, “Enabling Virtual Workflows,” will be taught by NABCEP Certified Associate Product Manager Anders Alexander on Friday, September 18, from 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. ET. A recording of the session will be available for one year following the event for those who cannot attend the conference, and EagleView will continue to provide the session on a regular basis during that time. 

EagleView is also hosting a live exhibit booth at the conference, and will be staffing the booth live from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on September 9, 16, and 24. Attendees can stop by to learn about EagleView’s solar offerings, speak with solar professionals about the education session and receive promo codes towards their first order. Attendees can also review the booth and request more info regarding EagleView and its products any time during the conference. 

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Tarco to Enhance Manufacturing Capability With New Production Line

Tarco announced plans to establish a new bituminous roofing membrane manufacturing line in Belton, Texas. The new high-speed, highly-automated manufacturing equipment will greatly increase the current production capabilities.

Tarco recently awarded an order for the supply of a High-speed Combination Production Line to Euroline srl, a leading company offering manufacturing machinery and plants for the production of modified bituminous membranes.

Designed with the latest technological advances in bituminous modified membrane manufacturing, the new line augments the existing plant capacity in Belton, Texas. The fully automated line is electronically controlled and equipped with multi-functional features such as intelligent auto-correction system, thickness measurement system, inline printing and various roll packaging options that include shrink bag, boxing and wrapping. Operating under tight quality control protocols from raw materials to finished products, the entire production process is intelligently operated to ensure the manufacture of superior product quality at efficient production rates.  

 “The advanced technology from Euroline will dramatically enable Tarco to create the new generation of roofing and waterproofing products,” said Steve Ratcliff, president and CEO of Tarco. “The high-level of automation of the new line will improve membrane quality, reduce scrap and enhance safety. In addition, Tarco will acquire the capability to make non-carrier membranes that are used in steep-slope roofing as well as in below grade waterproofing applications. Euroline has a two decade history in the roofing business and a global reputation for quality. It is the right technical partner to help take Tarco’s productivity and quality to the next level.” 

The advanced equipment with state-of-the-art features is presently being manufactured at the specialized Euroline facility outside Treviso, Italy. From there, it will be shipped to the Belton plant to be commissioned in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Euroline provides a full range of modern and efficient Bituminous Waterproofing membrane processing plants and equipment.

Tarco currently produces a wide range of traditional roll roofing as well as premium modified bituminous membranes. The company also has production plants in Little Rock, Arkansas and Greencastle, Pennsylvania. New technologies from Euroline will rank among the most advanced in use at Tarco.

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Versico and Detec Systems Announce Factory Mutual (FM) Rated Roof Assemblies that include Electronic Leak Detection

Versico Roofing Systems has collaborated with Detec Systems to offer the single-ply Factory Mutual (FM) rated roof assemblies that include Detec’s TruGround Conductive Primer, the conductive medium needed for effective Electronic Leak Detection (ELD).

ELD has become the method of choice for ensuring a watertight membrane system that is free of breaches, holes, or seam voids. Detec Systems’ patented TruGround Conductive Primer is liquid-applied, making application quick and easy and allowing it to be used with bareback membranes, including black EPDM.

Versico has conducted testing with FM and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to ensure that the

performance of a select few of its roof assemblies were unaffected by the addition of the conductive medium, and therefore insurable by FM. The following Versico systems are both FM and UL approved and warrantable through Versico:

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