Petersen adds Technical Representatives in Canada for Metal Roof, Wall Systems

Petersen is expanding its network of manufacturer representatives into Canada to meet the country’s growing demand for metal roof and wall cladding systems. The manufacturer representatives from Enercorp will support architects, consultants, installing contractors and others involved in the specification and installation of exterior metal cladding products from coast-to-coast across Canada.

Enercorp ( will represent Petersen’s PAC-CLAD architectural metal cladding products in Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec. The firm also represents products made by Carlisle Construction Materials, which owns Petersen. PAC-CLAD products will be shipped from its Elk Grove Village, Ill., facility.

“Partnering with Enercorp to represent Petersen is a significant step toward successfully servicing Canadian design and construction professionals who are looking for metal roof and wall products. The sales team at Enercorp will satisfy the architectural metal needs of Petersen’s existing and new customers in Canada as we grow the PAC-CLAD brand,” said Mike Petersen, president.

Petersen’s metal cladding products are used in Canada for a wide variety of projects, including commercial, educational, healthcare, residential and most other buildings to deliver a clean and elegant aesthetic. Petersen’s PAC-CLAD products include a high percentage of recycled material, which lowers their environmental footprint and supports sustainability, while being equally applicable for both new construction and restoration of existing building envelopes.

“One of Enercorp’s strengths is consulting architects on product specification, and Petersen is a spec-driven manufacturer, so this is a strongly aligned partnership,” said Dan Meskell, architectural representative at Enercorp. “Adding the PAC-CLAD product line to the Enercorp mix is a natural growth opportunity. We look forward to giving Canadian architects and construction professionals additional options for their exterior cladding needs with quality PAC-CLAD products.”

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AppliCad Launches Scholarship Program

AppliCad has launched a scholarship program to support digital skill development in young adults. The Global AppliCad Learning for the Future Scholarship Program is designed to give young adults across the globe the opportunity to increase their digital skills relevant to the roofing industry of the future. AppliCad’s roof take-off software is the preferred software for Australian roofing contracting companies, and more and more employers Worldwide discover its benefits and regard it as the benchmark, especially in the metal roofing and cladding industries. 

“At AppliCad, we want to support young people in accessing the roofing estimator skills of the future and have started this scholarship program to provide to selected candidates, our online training course for free, together with an extended free software trial period of 60 days. We would like to think that our new Scholarship Program will be good news for a young person with aspirations in the roofing industry to get a bit of a head start. We are in difficult times and sometimes all we need is a little good news to make our day,” said Ray Smith, AppliCad’s Founder and Managing Director. “The online training course typically takes up to four full days to complete, and together with the extended free trial period, we believe our scholars will have ample time to practice their new skills.”

Applications are open to young adults between 18 and 25 years old who are interested in working in the roofing industry, where digital skills become more important in the future. Applicants need to have access to a PC and the internet and should be willing to learn a professional roofing take-off software. Applications close at 5 p.m. AEST on July 31, 2020.

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Convoy Supply Appoints New President

Convoy Supply announced the appointment of Martin Côté as president of the company, replacing Alma Garnett.

“We wish to thank Ms. Garnett for her leadership during these past years as Convoy Supply became part of the SOPREMA Group of companies in 2012,” the company said in a statement. “Mr. Côté comes to this position with more than 20 years of experience in the construction industry, most recently as Deputy Director of Convoy Supply, and after serving as Vice-President for the North American RESISTO, a division of SOPREMA. He contributed extensively to creating and establishing RESISTO as a brand, and the division grew exponentially during his tenure. Mr. Côté brings a high level of expertise, energy, enthusiasm, and knowledge of the construction industry to Convoy Supply.”

According to the company, his mandate will be to support the growth and operational optimization of Convoy Supply across Canada and the United States, and provide the highest level of service to the company’s customers and suppliers.

Established in 1972, Convoy Supply is an independent wholesale construction materials distributor in North America with 44 locations spanning six provinces and four states. For more information, visit

4C’s Spray Equipment Launches New and Improved Website

4C’s Spray Equipment, inventor and manufacturer of the HULK (Heated, Urethane, Low-rise Adhesive, Kart) Spray Rig, announced the launch of its new website. The easy to navigate website is optimized for viewing on mobile devices with pages that load quickly, as more contractors are seeking information and answers while in the field using their phones and tablets. 

“Our customers want immediate access to the information they need to keep their jobs moving,” said Mike Calaman, founder and owner of 4C’s Spray Equipment. “We’ve added frequently asked questions and how-to videos to assist them in quickly finding answers.”

Contractors considering adding the HULK to their arsenal of equipment can see what other contractors have to say about the rig on the new testimonials page. Contractors agree that the HULK has “exceeded their expectations” and that the rig has “saved time and money.” A featured video on the homepage of the new site shares a FleeceBACK spray rig race hosted at Carlisle Syntec Systems’ training facility in which the HULK outperformed every other machine in the race and finished first for speed and performance.

The new website provides contractors with an easy way to order parts for most of the machines, spray guns and carts on the market today. Web visitors simply choose their equipment, reference the convenient parts diagrams, and indicate the quantity desired on the order form. The form offers the ability to either place the order immediately or request a quote.  

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Lifetime Tool & Building Products Names New Vice President

Lifetime Tool announced that Ben Weber has joined the Lifetime Tool Team as its new Vice President. Ben brings years of experience in both sales and marketing having worked with and for international manufactures, financial institutions, and media outlets. “Having founded three independent newspapers and a leading Marketing/PR firm, Ben’s experience in management and personal will be invaluable to Lifetime Tool as it continues to grow,” said Roger Cline, Founder and Managing Partner of Lifetime Tool.”  Cline went on to say, “Ben’s financial real estate experience in the banking & building industry gives us a great advantage with regards to planning for the future.”

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Garland Launches Defense Force Product Line Amid Global Health Crisis

As much of the country begins to ease restrictions and businesses start to reopen, The Garland Company, Inc. is ready with its innovative Defense Force line of high-performance products designed to either clean, disinfect and/or protect commercial facilities. Garland, a manufacturer of high-performance roofing and waterproofing systems, looked beyond its traditional offerings amid the global health crisis to provide customers with new and more powerful ways to protect their facilities.

The flagship Defense Force product is D7, a safe and effective EPA-registered antimicrobial disinfectant that kills bacteria, fungi, germs and viruses in minutes and has demonstrated effectiveness against viruses similar to the coronavirus/COVID-19. It can be applied to hard, non-porous interior and exterior surfaces, providing the assurance of clean and safe facilities. D7 is easily mixed and applied with standard sprayers. There is no specialized training required for the application of D7, so disinfection can take place almost immediately.

“Although D7 differs from our traditional roofing and waterproofing products, we recognize the importance of protecting what matters most – our employees, customers and communities,” said Brett Wygal, Garland’s operations manager. “The overall goal of our Defense Force line is to improve the health of commercial facilities and ultimately protect the health of those inside. We know the best way to do that is by starting with the exterior of the facility.”

The Defense Force product line also includes Clear-Shield, a patented, clear acrylic water-based solution designed to protect a roof’s existing surface. The nontoxic solution includes antimicrobial products that, in turn, protect the coating itself. Clear-Shield can be sprayed or roller applied to gravel and mineral-surfaced modified bitumen and single-ply roofs. Clean-Shieldrounds out the line and is a biodegradable, nontoxic cleaning solution formulated to safely and effectively clean, brighten and restore a variety of masonry substrates. Clean-Shield penetrates the surface and chemically reacts to remove contaminants and deposits like hard water stains, efflorescence, dirt, algae, mold, mildew, rust and other hard to remove contaminants.

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PAC-CLAD Metal Wall Panels Approved For NFPA 285 Assembly With Spray Foam Insulation

PAC-CLAD metal wall panels from Petersen have passed the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association 285 Standard for exterior wall assemblies. The test results expand cladding options beyond masonry for designers and specifiers when using spray foam as continuous insulation on exterior walls of any height, while satisfying International Building Code requirements.

The NFPA 285 test provides a method for evaluating the fire propagation characteristics of exterior, non-load-bearing wall assemblies and panels. The test is intended to evaluate the inclusion of combustible components within wall assemblies and panels of buildings that are required to be of non-combustible construction. The test was backed by Carlisle Construction Materials, which owns Petersen, to test its spray foam insulation. Carlisle included PAC-CLAD metal cladding in the test to provide design professionals with a complete brand-specific NFPA 285 wall assembly.

“Because Petersen products are included in this successful wall assembly test, architects and specifiers can now confidently choose PAC-CLAD wall panels as a specific brand of exterior metal cladding for these applications. Petersen remains committed to investing in product safety and code compliance. It is our goal to provide architects with design flexibility, and confidence in their product selection,” said Mike Petersen, president.

The NFPA 285 compliant assembly can be found under UL file R40016 and incorporates the following products: SealTite PRO Closed Cell Spray Foam, DC315 intumescent coating and approved protective topcoat by IFTI, and PAC-CLAD aluminum cladding. This product combination met the acceptance criteria for NFPA 285 tested at Underwriters Laboratory fire labs in Northbrook, Illinois.

“Achieving continuous insulation and satisfying IBC requirements for use of spray foam on exterior building walls of any height should not limit building designers’ choice of cladding options to masonry,” said Kevin Wiacek, product marketing manager for Carlisle Spray Foam Insulation. “Meeting the acceptance criteria for the NFPA 285 test with Carlisle’s PAC-CLAD aluminum panels gives designers and architects a new wall panel option with 46 color choices.”

Petersen, a Carlisle company, manufactures PAC-CLAD architectural metal cladding products in multiple gauges of steel and aluminum. PAC-CLAD products include standing seam roof panels, hidden- and exposed-fastener wall panels, flush- and reveal-joint panels, vented or solid soffit panels, perforated metal, coil and flat sheet, composite panels, column covers, plus fascia and coping. All are available in Kynar 70% PVDF finish in 46 standard colors that include a 30-year finish warranty. Most colors meet LEED and Energy Star requirements, and are rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council. Custom colors and weathertightness warranties are offered. BIM and CAD documents are available for most products. Founded in 1965, Petersen’s facilities are located in Illinois, Georgia, Texas, Maryland, Arizona and Minnesota.

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Nearmap Unveils General Availability of Nearmap Artificial Intelligence

Aerial imagery company Nearmap announced the general availability of new innovation Nearmap Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Mapbrowser, a series of datasets constructed from machine learning models deployed across Nearmap high-definition aerial images.

According to the company, the launch marks Nearmap as the first among aerial imagery providers to offer both AI analysis and high-definition, frequently updated aerial images on a commercial scale. Nearmap AI datasets will allow users to automatically identify ground features, from tree overhang to residential footprints, track changes and verify insights against current aerial imagery at massive scale.

Available to businesses and governments in Australia and the United States as of June 1, Nearmap AI will make it easier for organizations, regardless of size, to access and use AI-driven location intelligence to plan, manage and run their operations. For example, local governments will be able to use Nearmap AI to remotely appraise property developments and detect changes in public construction projects, while insurers can integrate the AI datasets as part of their underwriting and claims management processes.

“Our customers are the key drivers of our innovation, and they have been telling us about their increasing need to quickly gather location insights that can enhance their productivity and give them a competitive edge,” said Dr. Rob Newman, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Nearmap.“Nearmap AI is a product innovation breakthrough which has been in the making for some time now. What’s unique about it is that it combines the best of both worlds — data analytics and high-definition, frequently-updated aerial imagery. And when you add Nearmap tools for measurement, search and location identification, businesses get a solution that will exponentially help scale up their insight gathering efforts, with richer and more accurate data.” 

Nearmap AI datasets are integrated with consistent, verifiable aerial imagery from Nearmap’s extensive library. The product capitalizes on highly-accurate machine learning models, tailor-made by Nearmap experts and deployed at massive scale across its high-definition aerial images. 

With Nearmap AI, users can instantly identify key features on the ground at massive scale and track changes over time, using data layers on the Nearmap Mapbrowser platform.

Professionals across insurance, utilities and local government will be able to explore a variety of use cases, as reflected in the strong demand among early industry adopters during the beta period. These include: 

“We believe Nearmap AI will profoundly change the way we plan, build and maintain our cities and infrastructure today,” said Newman. “With this combination of data analytics and high-definition aerial imagery, local governments, for instance, will benefit from a birds-eye view and automatic analysis of their cities’ evolution, to inform their planning and construction efforts.”

To access Nearmap AI, subscribers can purchase online or offline export credits, valid for an annual contract period, which will allow them to export AI-derived location intelligence content. Customers will be able to access AI Layers, which overlay Nearmap’s high-definition, regularly-updated aerial images in MapBrowser. They can also download relevant datasets for use within their own native systems through the AI Parcel Export function.

A freshly-processed set of AI dataset packages, available at launch, will allow automatic analysis and identification of ground features and changes over time. Current attributes include tree overhang, construction sites, residential footprints, roof materials and shapes, solar panels, pools, and trampolines. The list of Nearmap AI attributes is set to expand as Nearmap continues to deepen its product innovation efforts.

According to the company, the commercial release of Nearmap AI marks the culmination of more than three years’ worth of research and development by a dedicated team of close to 20 Nearmap data scientists and machine learning engineers, and comes after an earlier beta program with a select pool of customers. To date, Nearmap has analyzed more than one million square kilometres of imagery across Australia and the United States, constituting more than 90 million properties.

The new Nearmap AI product release represents another significant milestone for the company as it continues to invest heavily in its core technology and customer proposition, developing differentiated and high-value content types to its growing customer base. This follows the successful commercial rollout of Nearmap 3D and roof geometry in 2019, which further anchored Nearmap as a leader in the expanding location intelligence market.

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Petersen Adds Reps to Meet Metal Cladding Demand in Northern California

Petersen continues to meet the growing demand in the Western United States for its PAC-CLAD metal roof and wall products by hiring new representatives in the region. The manufacturer representatives will support architects, installing contractors and others involved in the specification and installation of exterior metal cladding products in Northern California.

Building Enclosure Solutions, based in California and online at, will represent Petersen’s PAC-CLAD products in Northern California and Western Nevada (Reno/Sparks). Representatives include Jonah Cross and Mike Lampkin. Contact information is as follows:

Jonah Cross,, 408-210-1182

Mike Lampkin,, 415-423-7824

“Hiring Building Enclosure Solutions to represent Petersen is another way we’re addressing the growing demand for PAC-CLAD products in the Western United States. These professionals will satisfy the architectural metal needs of Petersen’s many existing and new customers in Northern California,” said David Hedrick, regional manager of Petersen’s Phoenix location. All representatives and distributors of Petersen’s PAC-CLAD products in the United States can be located with the locator tool

Petersen, a Carlisle company, manufactures PAC-CLAD architectural metal cladding products in multiple gauges of steel and aluminum. For more information, visit

SOPREMA Offers Upcoming Roofing Webinars

SOPREMA, Inc. announced that the company is sponsoring three upcoming AIA-approved webinars on topics facing the industry today. 

JUNE 16 @ 2PM

The Building Envelope Campaign: Creating More Energy-Efficient Buildings

Did you know that the building envelope is one of the most overlooked areas of available energy savings in commercial buildings? The Building Envelope Campaign, which launched June 10, 2020, has been developed by the Building Envelope Technology Research Team, a part of the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Better Buildings Program, to help building owners and managers create more energy-efficient buildings by targeting the building envelope thermal performance, determining available energy savings and providing technical support. LEARN MORE AND REGISTER

JUNE 30 @ 2PM

Low-Slope Roofing: The Latest ASCE 7 Wind Design Requirements

Join SOPREMA’s own Darren Perry as he focuses on commercial low-slope roofing wind design, and covers fundamental building codes and standards related to wind design. His presentation will include a detailed review of ASCE 7, “Minimum Design Loads for Buildings & Other Structures.” LEARN MORE AND REGISTER

JULY 28 @ 2PM

Single-Ply Roof Systems: Not All Things Are Created Equal

Are you interested in the technology, history and benefits of single-ply roof systems, with a core focus on EPDM, PVC and TPO? Hear from SOPREMA’s own Eric Younkin, as he reviews the anatomy of the single-ply membrane, its life cycle impacts and so much more. LEARN MORE AND REGISTER

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