Vent Caps for Liquid Propane and Gas-Fired Appliances

Air Vent now offers “Type B” gas vent caps, which are available in three different sizes to fit pipes from 3 to 9 inches. Each one is adjustable within its size range: 3-5 inches, 5-7 inches, and 7-9 inches. The vent caps are exclusively for liquid propane and gas-fired appliances. They are not for wood-burning appliances. Heavy-duty aluminum construction resists rust and corrosion, and the unique design helps prevent Mother Nature, debris, and birds from entering the vent.

The vent caps are fast and easy to install; a wrench and screwdriver are the only tools needed. Vent caps are packaged 12 in a carton. They are ETL certified. 

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Elastomeric Acrylic Protective Coating for Metal Roofs

Nationwide Protective Coatings expands its roof coating lineup for elastomeric applications to include PERMAKOTE Metal Roof Paint. PERMAKOTE Metal Roof Paint is a matte finish, bright white, elastomeric acrylic protective roof coating designed to work on a metal roof system. It is a water-based, high-build formula that possesses Acrylic Waterproofing Technology. PERMAKOTE Metal Roof Paint also qualifies for a CLASS A Fire Rating Test as per ASTM E84-01, NFPA 101 Life Safety Code. Using PERMAKOTE Metal Roof Paint in conjunction with the company’s Primer, Seam Tape and Elastomeric Caulk options provides a full-scale metal roof restoration system with up to a 15-year warranty.

The roof coating system is designed to be easy to apply and will provide many years of durable protection and will extend the roof’s life. Nationwide Protective Coatings can match standard colors or custom colors. PERMAKOTE Metal Roof Paint is an inexpensive, alternative solution to roofing and re-roofing. 

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All-Aluminum Retrofit Roof Drain With Removable Lid

Marathon Roofing introduces the all-new Aluminator Pro. Building on the success of the company’s Aluminator all-aluminum retrofit drains, the newest model includes a Pro dome that features an aluminum security strainer with a removable lid for easy cleaning. The drains feature heavy-duty spun aluminum construction for quick and easy installation and a heavy-duty coated aluminum clamping ring designed with 12 scallops to maximize drainage. 

The ProSeal rubber seal provides a strong mechanical seal to prevent water back-up issues, and the drains have a larger stud diameter for increased strength. The Aluminator Pro is available for 3-inch, 4-inch, 5-inch and 6-inch drain sizes. 

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New Truss/Rafter Screws

Altenloh, Brinck & Co. US, Inc. announces a new addition to the line of SPAX POWERLAGS Engineered Fasteners. SPAX POWERLAGS truss screws are designed for use in attaching truss/rafters to wall plates for ensuring a building code required continuous attachment method from floor to roof

The new product is a #14 x 6-1/4-inch fastener that offers patented SPAX features including T-STAR plusdrive within a cylindric head, patented thread serrations, and a UNIQUE 4CUT point for quick and easy installation with no pre-drilling required.

“Our new construction fastener is made of carbon steel with SPAX exclusive WIROX coating, which is ideal for interior framing use. The truss/rafter fasteners will be packaged in a Contractor Pax 50-count carton ready for retail shelves and will include a 2-inch long T-30 plus bit. POWERLAGS truss screws are manufactured in our German facility, but will be packaged and stocked in the Bryan, Ohio, warehouse,” said Eric Ashack, SPAX® Product Manager.

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Polyurethane Roofing Sealant Designed for Challenging Applications

Mule-Hide Products Co. Inc. introduces Seal-Fast Liqui-Flash polyurethane roofing sealant. Easy to use and providing excellent adhesion, elongation and tensile strength, Seal-Fast Liqui-Flash is an exceptionally versatile maintenance and repair solution. The one-component, 100-percent solids, non-shrink, polyurethane sealant can be used in typical and difficult-to-access applications, including flashings, skylights, pitch pockets (filling and sealing), inlaid gutters, air conditioners, brick ties, roof vents, penetrations, ductwork, roof hatches, chimneys and seams. It is compatible with a wide range of substrates, including metal, polyurethane foam, aged smooth asphalt, aged modified bitumen, aged PVC and aged EPDM.

It may be used on TPO roofing systems when primed with Mule-Hide Si TPO Primer. It is compatible with Mule-Hide Products acrylic and silicone roof coatings. It is an ideal choice for repairing hail-damaged polyurethane foam roofs.

Seal-Fast Liqui-Flash goes on in one step using a brush or a ribbon nozzle. It requires minimal tooling but is viscous enough to prevent running and drain-out. It is semi-self-leveling, allowing it to be used for sealing and repairing single-ply membranes at any slope. Fabric reinforcement is not required for repairs. No stirring is needed.

Seal-Fast Liqui-Flash is available in three colors — black, white and gray. It is packaged in 10-ounce caulk tubes, 20-ounce sausage tubes, 1-gallon pails, and 3.5-gallon pails.

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Enhanced Asphalt Shingles Offer Improved Strength, Solar Reflectivity

CertainTeed launches its new Landmark ClimateFlex algae-resistant (AR) shingles. This new product improves upon CertainTeed’s most popular and colorful shingle line with the latest advances in polymer science, offering enhanced granule adhesion, hail resistance, and cold-weather flexibility. Over the course of time, CertainTeed will introduce ClimateFlex technology to other existing asphalt shingle lines. 

In addition to the impact resistance and cold-weather resiliency improvements of ClimateFlex, CertainTeed will begin introducing its improved NailTrak feature to many of its most popular shingle lines. NailTrak provides a nailing area three-times wider than standard laminate shingles and clear nailing lines that are highly visible even in low-light conditions, allowing faster and more accurate installations. CertainTeed’s NailTrak technology now includes Quadra-Bond, a specially formulated adhesive that adheres shingle layers at four points — more than any other manufacturer — providing superior bond strength and protection against shingle delamination over the life of the shingle.

These new features will join CertainTeed’s growing list of technologies to improve the strength, longevity, and energy efficiency of asphalt shingles. These include StreakFighter, a copper-infused granule blend that prevents algae formation on shingles, and Solaris, embedded cool roof technology that enables even the darkest-colored shingles to reflect solar energy and radiant heat far better than any standard asphalt shingle, dramatically lowering rooftop temperatures and related air conditioning costs.

According to Alex Pecora, Director of Product Management, Residential Roofing at CertainTeed, the new ClimateFlex line and NailTrak enhancements reflect the company’s ongoing commitment to add value and additional protective features to its existing products. “Research and development is one of CertainTeed’s core values, so we’re always working to improve our products,” said Pecora. “Modern homeowners are moving less frequently and expect their homes to do more than ever, so we want contractors who use our products to be able to deliver solutions that will stand the test of time. We believe these product improvements will give contractors an edge while ultimately improving comfort, protection, and peace of mind for homeowners.”

Informational videos are available on the CertainTeed YouTube channel. 

CertainTeed NailTrak Video 

CertainTeed QuadraBond Video 

CertainTeed Solaris Cool Roof Video

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Tinner Snips Designed for Comfort and Durability

Crescent Wiss offers a new lineup of Crescent Wiss Tinner Snips designed for maximum cut life and minimal force-to-cut ratio. But the team at Crescent didn’t stop there. They tackled common pain points to make Crescent Wiss Tinner Snips the most comfortable, most durable snips available.

The new Crescent Wiss Tinner Snips are available in eight different styles, seven of which feature drop-forged steel blades that provide market-leading strength, durability, and cutting performance with precision-ground cutting edges. A through-broached bolt allows for market-leading cut life, yielding more than three times the ASME specification. Optimized handles allow for a comfortable grip with maximum control, with or without gloves. For a lightweight option, the Aluminum Lightweight Tinner Snips, made with a heavy-duty die-cast aluminum construction that is both durable and easy to carry.

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New Clamp Technology Increases Wind Resistance for Metal Roofing

S-5! introduces the newest addition to its line of WindClamps, designed to increase wind resistance for standing seam and other concealed-fastened metal roofs. 

The new WindClamp2X, as with all S-5!’s WindClamps, are small aluminum clamps placed over the roof’s seam at designated intervals to prevent male-to-female seam separation and/or seam separation from the roof’s mounting clip. S-5! WindClamps are a cost-compelling alternative for new construction and can also be used in retrofit applications to bring older roofs into compliance with current codes and wind standards. 

Attaching these simple, yet highly-tested clamps to a roof’s seams have proven to dramatically improve wind uplift performance for more than 25 years. S-5! WindClamps increase – and often double – wind resistance, preventing multiple modes of failure, including seam separation and clip disengagement when used at roof clip locations. This clamp-to-seam technology has been a highly cost-effective solution to preserve rooftops in some geographic regions and/or roof “zones” with increased probability of extreme wind uplift conditions. 

S-5! Now offers three WindClamp solutions for a variety of roof profiles:

  • WindClamp DL, designed for MBCI Double-Lok and licensees
  • WindClamp UD, designed for MBCI Ultra-Dek and licensees 
  • New WindClamp2X, designed for other specific double-folded standing seams, i.e., Butler MR-24 and Varco Pruden SSR

“The magic is not in a generic ‘seam clamp,’ or in a seam clamp that ‘fits okay’ or ‘fits’ multiple seam profiles,” said S-5! CEO and Founder Rob Haddock, who has served on ASTM committees for wind testing and standardization. “The magic is in knowing how to design a seam clamp for this purpose and for a specific panel profile. S-5! WindClamps can increase strength by 100, 200 or even 300 percent with test protocols to prove it. We understand how to design these clamps because our team has the in-depth knowledge and experience of how the total roof assembly responds to wind uplift.”

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New Roof Vent For Clothes Dryer Exhaust

InOvate, the creator of premium residential construction venting products, has taken roof venting to new heights with the introduction of a re-engineered roof termination. The company focuses on safety and exhaust performance improvements for clothes dryers with product solutions that solve common venting problems. An impassioned commitment to detail and product quality has helped bring new innovations to market, including products that are advanced in their simplicity and performance.

The new DryerJack Model 477 enjoys the same commitment to quality as the entire family of InOvate products. Its design maximizes dryer exhaust system efficiency and safety. Model 477 is deep-draw manufactured of Galvalume steel for durability and is available in four powder-coated colors. The deep draw process delivers a seamless hood providing extra protection against the elements as well as a sleek look for improving home aesthetics.

“As with all InOvate product development, the team started by listening to customers and working to engineer advanced solutions to best meet their needs, delivering superior quality and performance,” said Cliff Budnick, InOvate’s President. “Lab and field testing have proven the 477 to be perfect for properly venting clothes dryers through the roof.”

International building code forbids the use of screens, requires a damper and a venting passageway larger than 12.5 inches for dryer exhaust systems. The DryerJack exceeds all manufacturer and building code requirements without any modifications. It is ready to go right out of the box.

Superior airflow efficiency is achieved with a large clean opening and lighter Galvalume curved damper. This, combined with rear placement of the vent passageway that increases in size, allows the dryer to operate at peak performance, maximizing airflow efficiency and helping reduce the chance of dangerous dryer fires. The larger opening also provides easy cleaning and maintenance access while blowing lint straight out, not down.

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New Modular Wall Panel Series

ATAS International is proud to launch Omawall, a new modular wall panel series, which is the most recent addition to their vast product offering. The product name pays tribute to the Dutch heritage of the founders of ATAS.

Omawall is an architectural back ventilated rainscreen wall panel, manufactured in .063 aluminum. It installs quickly and easily in horizontal or vertical orientation without separate gaskets or metal splines, due to the unique interlocking dry joint design. The standard module size is 18” x 96”, however, custom sizes are available. The depth of the panel is 1-1/2” and the reveal measures 5/8”. This panel is ideal for all types of commercial, educational, and healthcare buildings, as well as multi-family residential and mixed-use buildings. Omawall is available in over 40 standard colors, including the new series of matte colors, and in custom colors. For small orders, ATAS has the capability of post-painting the panels at a cost far less than prepainting an entire coil, which ensures meeting a building’s design intent without breaking the budget.

ATAS International, Inc. is a family-owned business that went from a siding and trim installer to an industry leading manufacturer of metal panels for the building envelope, with locations across the United States. Aluminum Trim And Shapes was founded in 1963 by Jacobus “Jack” P. Bus in his home’s basement in Rochester, NY where he and wife, Nel, and children resided.

The journey to become business owners started when Jack and Nel moved from the Netherlands in the 1950s. The hardworking duo saw a business opportunity while Jack was installing siding and trim in Rochester. Prior to the advent of portable forming equipment, he noticed contractors did not have the ability to bend their own products on-site. Jack then had the idea to do it for them and provided bent trim and other products to the contractors for their projects. This business was well-received, and the company has seen tremendous growth over the decades.

Opaline has been a popular product offered by ATAS for many years, which is used in wall, soffit, and ceiling applications. Opa is Dutch for grandfather, so it seems fitting that Omawall join the family of products, as Oma is Dutch for grandmother.  If viewed as an acronym, OMA also stands for Outstanding Modular Application.

Dick Bus, president of ATAS, stated, “Since my parents started this company over 57 years ago, we have continued to increase our product and color offering to meet the desires of building owners and architects.  I’m pleased to add Omawall to our family of products, as a nod to my parents, and the company’s third-generation owners’ grandparents; their Oma and Opa.”

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