Best Roofing Projects of the Carolinas

Earthmover Tire Plant, Anderson County, S.C.

Earthmover Tire Plant, Anderson County, S.C.

Earthmover Tire Plant, Anderson County, S.C.


Roofing contractor: North American Roofing, Asheville, N.C.,
Architect and engineering firm: O’Neil, Greenville, S.C.,
General contractor and developer: Gray Construction, Lexington, Ky.,
Roof insulation manufacturer: ROXUL, Milton, Ontario, Canada,
TPO manufacturer: Carlisle Syntec Systems, Carlisle, Pa.,

Roof Materials

Approximately 1.2 million square feet of ROXUL product was used, including:

  • MONOBOARD Tapered

The insulation products were chosen mainly for their fire-resistant properties. In addition to being non-combustible, the products will not develop toxic smoke or promote flame spread even when exposed directly to flames. The insulation is also dimensionally stable, water repellent, sound absorbent and has a long-term stable R-value. A 60-mil Sure-Weld TPO membrane was installed on the roof.

Roof Report

Michelin currently is building the new Earthmover tire manufacturing plant adjacent to its existing rubber processing plant in Starr, S.C. It will be the third Michelin plant in Anderson County. The company also operates a 2.5-million-square-foot rubber processing plant in Sandy Springs, S.C.

Photo courtesy of ROXUL, Milton, Ontario, Canada

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