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Mobile App Provides Roofing Contractors With Hail Storm Data at Exact Locations

OneSite Mobile, a mobile app from CertainTeed Roofing partner HailStrike, will help credentialed roofing contractors in storm-affected areas with mobile access to hail storm data. With site-specific reporting the app helps roofing contractors locate storm-torn roofs without needing to piece together … [Read More...]

Square Diffuser Caters to People Who Prefer Sharp-angled Shapes

Round versus square. Sharp lines versus curves. The human brain processes each of these differently, according to a Harvard Medical School study led by Moshe Bar and Maital Neta. In their study with round and square objects, they found that most people prefer rounded objects and shapes to … [Read More...]

Silicone Roof Coating Resists Weathering

R.M. Lucas Co. has added #8400 100 percent Silicone Roof Coating to its line of products. The #8400 is a low solids, single-part roof coating that creates a barrier that is resistant to natural weathering. The coating is durable, breathable, watertight and weatherproof. The #8400 creates an offering … [Read More...]

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