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New Roof Vent For Clothes Dryer Exhaust

InOvate, the creator of premium residential construction venting products, has taken roof venting to new heights with the introduction of a re-engineered roof termination. The company focuses on safety and exhaust performance improvements for clothes dryers with product solutions that solve common … [Read More...]

New Modular Wall Panel Series

ATAS International is proud to launch Omawall, a new modular wall panel series, which is the most recent addition to their vast product offering. The product name pays tribute to the Dutch heritage of the founders of ATAS. Omawall is an architectural back ventilated rainscreen wall panel, … [Read More...]

Liquid Flashing Now Available in Sausage Packs

Momentive Performance Materials Inc. launches its new sausage packs for GE Enduris Liquid Flashing, a key product in the company’s GE Silicones brand of construction coatings and sealants. With the introduction of the sausage packs, GE Enduris Liquid Flashing can now be loaded into specialized … [Read More...]

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Customer Connection: Building a Long-Term Relationship

Connecting with customers is more than just communication. Connecting is a strategic effort to create relationships beyond the initial transaction. It involves communication, but it is so much more. Why is connecting important? Because connected customers tend to become repeat customers, and … [Read More...]